Ko-Gyuto 175mm

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Ko-Gyuto 175x40mm, San Maï with 135Cr3 Core and Pure iron clad in Sheffield. Water quenched (63HRC)

Kurouchi finish with flat grind (Kasumi). Double bevel

Weight : 130 gr / Balance point : Maker mark

Distal taper from 4.20mm to 2.60mm to 0.80mm

Wa handle made from Box wood and Black walnut (Buxus sempervirens and Juglan nigra), 145mm length.

Overall length : 340mm

You can order a custom Saya here, just select your blade's size : Custom Saya

Allow me a couple of days to sharpen and send the knife to you. If any question or requirement, just message me at hello@simonmaillet.com.