What if something goes wrong?

I really hope that you are pleased with whatever you have ordered. If not, please contact me to find a solution that will suit us both. In the unlikely case that your item is damaged or faulty, please get in touch within 48 hours so that I can help. Please provide photos of the original box before it was opened, how it was packed, what the damage is, and save all of original packaging.


Why does my knife rust ?

If you combine those three ingredients: iron, water, and air – you get rust. So when you combine your knife with air and water, your knife will become rusty. Please dry your knife after use to prevent this from happening.


Why does my knife chip?

You won't like this bit - but if a knife chips then it is mostly likely down to you and how you handled it. You have to adjust the way you use it. It's not a western knife so you can’t swing it around, expecting it to cut through bones, trees or chopping boards.


What should I do if my blade becomes dull?

How quickly your knife becomes dull depends on how much you use it. I recommend using a Japanese whetstone to sharpen your knives as opposed to a honing steel, which can be too aggressive or just inefficient on my knives