Ko-Deba / 135Cr3

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Ko-Deba 120x50mm, hand forged form 135Cr3 in Sheffield. 

Kurouchi finish, slight convex grind, single bevel (right handed) with forged Urasuki. Finish on Blue Aoto 

Thick spine with distal taper from 4.40mm to 0.70mm, balance point at the touch mark, 140gr. 

Wa handle made of (very) old English oak (Quercus robur), 125mm. This handle is not stabilized and have some deep bark inclusion. It won't affect the strength of the handle, however if the wood was about to break I will change it for free. 

Tulip Poplar saya  


The Japanese word "Ko" means “small” or “short” in English, and the Ko-deba is a small Deba that is commonly used in coastal areas of Japan to fillet and butterfly small saltwater fish. The Ko-deba is useful knife for home cooks that prefer to clean and fillet the smaller sizes of fish, including small freshwater fishes such as trout. Single or double bevel