Gyuto San-Maï 215mm / 135Cr3 - Soft steel

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Gyuto 215x53mm, San-Maï hand forged form 135Cr3 core and soft steel clad, in Sheffield. 

Kurouchi finish with flat grind. Double bevel

Weight : 190 gr

Distal taper from 4mm to 2.8mm to 0.8mm

Japanese Wa handle made from Elm, 145mm length.

Overall length : 375mm

Tulip poplar saya  

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Mature English elms were once common on the rich, farmed soils of middle England, but are now rarely found as trees and are more common as hedgerow shrubs. This decline is a likely result of the ravaging effects of a recent wave of Dutch elm disease which has affected all of the UK's elms, killing many mature trees and preventing new trees from growing. Despite its name, the English Elm may well have been introduced into the UK during the Bronze Age, or may only be native in Southern England.