Petty 140mm / 115Cr3

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Petty 140x37mm, hand forged in Sheffield form 115Cr3 carbon steel.  

Kurouchi finish with flat grind. Double bevel

Weight : 114gr. 

Overall size : 275mm

Wa handle made from English Oak (cross cut), 125mm length.

Tulip Poplar saya with pin

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Also known as the 'Pedunculate oak' because its acorns grow on stalks or 'peduncles', the English oak is a common tree. It displays a broad, spreading crown above thick branches and a trunk that becomes fissured with age. Its autumnal acorns are highly prized by both people and wildlife - the former use them for fodder for pigs and the latter often store them for the long winter ahead.
Its wood was traditionally used for building ships and houses, and making furniture.