Gyuto 220mm / 26C3 - Soft steel

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Gyuto 220x50mm, San Maï hand forged from 26C3 Core and Soft steel clad in Sheffield. 

A common comparison point for 26C3 is Hitachi White #1 (Shirogami #1). Devin Thomas likes to call it “Spicy White.” They are both very high carbon steels with relatively low alloy. Both are advertised for their low impurity content (From Knife Steel Nerd Website)

Kurouchi finish with flat grind. Double bevel

Weight : 186 gr. 

Distal taper from 4.20mm to 2.15mm to 0.90mm (Emoto - mid blade - 1 cm from the tip)

Wa handle made from European Walnut, 145mm length.

Overall length : 380mm

You can order a custom Saya here, just select your blade's size : Custom Saya

Allow me a couple of days to make the saya (if needed), sharpen and send the knife to you. If any question, just message me at

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