All my knives are made in my workshop by myself from start to finish with an obsession for traditional techniques like san-maï, warikomi, ni-maï and pattern welded steel. My main focus is forging, which adds versatility and greatly minimises waste. 


Cladding material or Jiagane 

 I re-use unwanted material that I can forge down to flat bar and process as cladding. When a blade is stamped with the trash knife touch mark, most of the material (up to 75%) are reused.  

My main cladding material is wrought iron. It's an alloy with a very low carbon content (less than 0.08%). It is a semi-fused mass of iron with fibrous slag inclusions.

Soft iron, with a minimum Fe content of 99.85%, without the addition of alloy elements. 

Soft steel XC15 with 0.15% carbon it's a tougher material with a better flexibility

Pattern welded steel or "Suminagashi" made from several types of steel and/or iron slices welded together to form a billet. 


Core material or hagane  

Most of my knives are carbon steel based. I use mainly low alloyed high carbon steel but I also offer 2 tungsten steel for better wear resistance. 

Shirogami 1 from Hitachi / Japan

26C3 from Uddeholm / Sweden 

135Cr3 from France

115CrV3 Silver steel from UK

V-Toku 2 from Takefu / Japan

1.2442 from Achim Wirtz / Germany

Apex ultra / Germany


Handle material 

All my handle are made using local, untreated, unstabilised wood, From Sheffield, UK or France. I choose to work with European wood because they offer a wide range of color, grain while being strong and rot resistant. They are sustainably cut and air dried in my workshop. I mainly use Bog oak, Burl Elm, English Oak, Burl Walnut and Box wood but I may have more species available. 

    Saya material 

    My standard saya or wooden sheath are hand carved to fit only your blade. A pin is provided to secure the knife or to release it. They are made from Tulip wood (Liriodendron tulipifera), Black walnut or Lime (Tillia cordata) which is a soft, straight grain, moisture resistant and contains no resin that can react with carbon steel.